Xianhe Co., Ltd., the headquarter of which locates in Quzhou city (a famous historic place) in Zhejiang province, is dedicating to developing and producing various sorts of specialty papers, pulps, paper products and relevant chemical additives. The company, which occupies more than 200 hectares land, has got 3 manufacturing bases national wide, 35 modern production lines (including subsidiary companies) and more than 3000 employees.Xianhe Co.,Ltd was listed on the main board of the Shanghai stock exchange on April 20, 2018, with the stock code 603733.

The company is focusing on providing high-end specialty papers which are included in the 9 major series (Cigarettes Packing Paper, Decorative Base Paper, Commercial Communication and Anti-Fake Paper, Low Basis Weight Printing Paper, Transfer Printing Base Paper, Food and Medical Packing Paper, Label Release Paper, Electrical and Industrial …




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Think of employees as family members, take care of every "small family"; rely on each "small family", rely on their loyal dedication, and work together to build a good "business" for the enterprise; work hard to be a society Respect for the enterprise, returning the "country" of the motherland.

We have set up kindergartens, supermarkets, tea bars, book bars, gymnasiums, and lighting courts for our community, so that every person in the cranes will be "have a living and have a heart." Commitment to enter and share development results.

Here comes the Xianhe Man